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A few years back I was introduced to the world of crypto. This is where I first witnessed the market dynamics that make the world go round. Crypto market is the wild west of the financial world. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most volatile markets to trade in. The desire to make it big is met with big risks. 

When I first started, I entered the markets without the proper information needed to move ahead. I did a lot of fundamental research, but did not understand Technical Analysis. As a result, even though I was able to make it big in no time, I lost it all. 

As the stories go, even the best traders got burned out completely at least once before they finally set the direction to become better. Following the examples of the great (the book Market Wizards was a big inspiration), I set out to learn technical analysis from every source that I could find. 

Doing everything on your own is not easy. I wandered around in the real world and online to look for the right information. As such, I couldn’t help but accept everything that was offered to me, put it to the test, and then discard what wasn’t right or didn’t work. It took me a long time to finally understand these market dynamics, but it sure paid off. 

As of now, I am a full time trader surfing through the markets. I didn’t see myself as an educator, but here I am. Crypto market had my interest because of the varied opportunities it offers, along with the potential to transmute into a mainstream global market. I have held many sessions on helping people understand Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology, along with the crypto ecosystem.

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